Naresh Kumar Sutradhar

Kalibari,Ghoshpara, Sirajganj Sadar, Sirajganj, Bangladesh

Wood Engraver, Village Carpenter, Sculptor

No Educational Qualification

Worked as a village wood engraver from childhood
Worked as a sculptor at Muhammad Ali Palace Museum & Park, Bogra, Bangladesh

Wood Engraving, Painting, Art direction, Sculpture & History of Art.

Best & Expert Craftsman Award 1997
Nakshakandra, Bangladesh Small & Cottage Industries Corporation, Bangladesh

4th to 10th April, 2009, “Palashi Theke 71”, National Museum, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Name : Naresh Kumar sutradhar
Father's Name : Late Kalipada Sutradhar
Mother's Name : Late Sabittri Sutradhar
Date of Birth : 27th November 1962
Nationality : Bangladeshi by birth
Religion : Sanatana

Permanent Address
Village : Kalibari, Ghoshpara
Post : Sirajganj
Upazilla : Sirajganj Sadar
District : Sirajganj
Country : Bangladesh


Again Starting From The End

Famine of life “Famine of life”

This sculpture represents the condition of life under the scarcity of food. Now a day’s poverty is like as a curse. The figure shows the livelihood style of disregarding people in society. The figure having a size of 1’5”*6”*4” and made of wood.

Rural Farmer “Rural Farmer”

A farmer is a person engaged in agriculture, raising living organisms for food or raw materials. The sculpture represents that a farmer have been coming back from the land after complete his field works. The dimension of the figure is 9”*4”*4” and made of wood.

Baul “Baul”

Baul is a part of the culture of rural area, especially in Bangladesh. The figure represents a Baul is singing folk song with dancing. The figure having a dimension of 1’*5”*4” and made of wood.

Circus “Circus”

Circus based on human skills and which drew from other performing art skills and styles. The sculpture represents an abstract form of Circus having two persons. One is playing a rural instrument and the other is performing her skills with music.

Pheriyali “Pheriyali”

Pheriyali means rural female hawker. The sculpture represents an abstract form of Pheriyali who sells commodities door to doors.

Sikto Nari “Sikto Nari”

The abstract form of sculpture represents two ladies are drying their hair after bath.

Aktarai Gan “Aktarai Gan”

A Baul is singing folks with playing monochord. This is an abstract sculpture, made of wood.

Birds of Night “Birds of Night”

Owls are nocturnal birds, hunt mostly small mammals, insects. There are two owls in the figure whose are hungry & searching for food.