Amundsen Trygve (ta)

Amundsen Trygve (TA)

Location: Norway

TA (Trygve Amundsen)
Norwegian, contemporary artist.

From my professional career as an illustrator, graphic designer and Art Director in printing and PR business through more than 30 years, the last 10 years I have gradually "converted" to a real artist, working mainly with oil on canvas.

Based on my background, my combinations of hand drawings, oil painting and computer art (Digigraphics) have a very personalized signature edge, wether it be depicting real life, nature or the abstract.

A aim for my art to create food for thought not only through the art itself – but also through the artwork’s title.

In 2005 I won the “Artist of the Month” award by the Norwgian Art Magazine“Kunst for Alle” (Fine Art) (Art for Everyone).

March 2012 I were juryed and accepted as a proud member of the NFUK (The Norwegian Society of independant Artists).

I have had exhibitions both in Norway and internationally – all to rave reviews and great turn-outs». (Oslo (Norway), Spoleto (Italy), Stockholm (Sweden), New York and Fall River near Boston, MA, in USA.

For more info and to view my art, please visit my website;


Nature's own design.

I always let myself be inspired by nature's own creativity and ability to create beautiful designs.

However, I've never wanted to copy, but rather be inspired by nature's creativity. It is not a point for me to copy nature's "impressions". If necessary, It is done better by talented photographers. For me it is more like trying to highlight how marvelous nature is created.

Even a dead leaf is beautiful when you take a closer look at it. And the marvelous thing is that even a single leaf nourishes new life.

A rose is created of a bunch of the rectangles. When put together in Nature's way, is there anything more beautiful? The scenery is breathtaking. I hope it will be my mentor.

The Red Rose “The Red Rose”

The Rose:
In my eyes, the most beautiful creation in the World.
I wanted to create it as rectangles, i did it by my credit card. Exciting how nature is constructed and designed.

Fallen Display “Fallen Display”

A dead leaf. Fallen to the ground. A tiny scenery on Mother Earth. But still great one. A complete scene of life and death. Of giving birth to new life.
Even when dead, it has a purpose, sheltering new seeds to make them survive through winter.

I "belief" they're dancing “I "belief" they're dancing”

How wonderful can a dead leaf be?
Falling to the ground. Flying to it's end.

The Finale “The Finale”

Last section of life before Winter make it's entrance.
The Wind has a purpose.
Please spred my seeds.

Even the most boring... “Even the most boring...”

Simplicity, dynamic movement, a dash of color. Nature's done it again.

The Catch “The Catch”

I wanted to catch the moment - when it happens...