Anders Wollin

Anders Wollin

Location: Sweden

Born in 1973 and raised on the west-coast of Sweden. Knew early on in life that I should strive for an artistic career, and after three years of a preparatory education of art, I decided to go my own way.

From the age of 23 I had no choice but to survive on my art. I feel I have a calling and have no other way to go but to paint. Through hard work I have maintained a living for fifteen years as I am 38 years old today. In 2003 I printed a first book of art about my "early years" that I call my own schooling process.

Webiste (that will be remade this year)
+46 (0)707 - 97 58 28


Various works - old and new

Family Interior “Family Interior”

145 x 145 cm, 2007. Oil on canvas

Dreaming Couple “Dreaming Couple”

200 x 200 cm, oil on canvas.

 Triptyke, 2010 “ Triptyke, 2010”

Three works sold to a restaurant in Gothenburg city 2010

More works in progress 2011 “More works in progress 2011”

Some more paintings in progress, april-may 2011

 Flying Jacob “ Flying Jacob”

My faces in oil 30 x 30 cm, closest Flying Jacob

 Angel on a blue planet and Archangel “ Angel on a blue planet and Archangel”

77 x 90 cm each, oil and acrylics, 2010

 Dreamer “ Dreamer”

90 x 120 cm