Richard C Green

Richard Green lives in southern New Mexico where he paints a variety of subjects, including animals in their landscapes, riffs on modern masters, and Day of the Dead.


Artists and their Friends

One of my series of paintings portrays artists in various situations, such as Van Gogh preaching to the Post Impressionists, and Manet discussing his review by Druanty at the Café Guerbois.

Serious Conversation at the Cafe Guerbois “Serious Conversation at the Cafe Guerbois”

Edouard Manet confronts the critic Duranty about a review of his paintings.

Van Gogh preaching to the Post Impressionists “Van Gogh preaching to the Post Impressionists”

Recreating his role as itinerant preacher, Van Gogh preaches the Gospel to his friends.

Day of the Dead

El Dia de los Muertos is a celebration of family and friends who have passed on, with offerings of their favorite foods set up on home altars and in cemetaries.

Recuerdo para Me “Recuerdo para Me”

Just in case no one remembers, here's my own DOD altar (way in the future, of course).

Solo Yo “Solo Yo”

Inspired by Goya, this figure represents Dona Ana, standing in front of he Dona Ana Mountains in Southern New Mexico, an important stop on the old Camino del Rey that ran from Chihuahua to Santa Fe.


I try to portray animals as part of the landscape, sometimes seeming to be aware of the nature around them beyond the need for survival.

The Canyon at Sunset. “The Canyon at Sunset.”

A lynx begins his nighttime activity by overlooking a canyon.

Coyotes in the Snow “Coyotes in the Snow”

After a heavy snow the night before, three coyotes start their day in front of the Organ Mountains.

Great Bears “Great Bears”

A bear contemplates the constellation of the Great Bear.

Big Dogs “Big Dogs”

Two Great Pyrranees contemplate Canis Major.


Small scale ceramic figures, also in self hardening clay and cast plaster. More r century, patio sized sculpture in stucco over foam core.

The Folk Singer “The Folk Singer”

Ceramic, black acrylic patina

Shaman “Shaman”

Cast plaster, bronze-tone patina.