Queintard Degeneste

Queintard DeGeneste began his formal art training at Arts High School, Newark, NJ. After graduating from Newark South Side High School he attended Arizona State University where he majored in Commercial Art & Design and Pacific College where he received his degree in Business administration & Commercial Art.

After returning to the east coast, he completed freelance illustrating projects for a variety of clothing stores and art studios. He continued his formal training by taking courses at the School of Visual Arts in lettering and calligraphy.

After graduating from Law School in 1976, he began a career in business, and put aside his art career until his heart attack in 1995. His recovery period afforded him time to reflect on life and renew his passion for art.

He works in a variety of different mediums from oils, acrylics, watercolors, pencil and inks. He has won a number of awards for his work and has curated and exhibited at Lincoln Center, the Morris County Atrium Gallery, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Gallery, UMDNJ, Plainfield Arts festival and numerous other venues in the area. He has many pieces in numerous private collections, restaurants, nightclubs and business’s around the country. You can view parts of his work at www.artbyquinnproductions.org


African American Theme Art

African American thematic art, landscapes and inspirational art.
Originals and numbered limited edition prints with certificates.
Portraits in distinctive media combinations and artistic style.

The Hunt “The Hunt”

Watercolor interpretation of a African hunter on the plains of Africa.

Lady Day “Lady Day”

My interpretation of Jazz singer Billy Holliday done in Acrylics and pencil.

Homeboy in the city “Homeboy in the city”

Oil and acrylic interpretation of my experience growing up in Newark, NJ and what the cool guys looked like.

A Mother's Love “A Mother's Love”

Oil and acrylic of my interpretation of a mother and child linked together in love.

Ali The Greatest “Ali The Greatest”

Acrylic and pencil interpretation of a sports legend who was my favorite growing up.

A Sacrifice for Generations “A Sacrifice for Generations”

Oil and Acrylic interpretation of the sacrifice that was made for generations of African Americans.

Dreams of the Homeland “Dreams of the Homeland”

Acrylic and oil interpretation of an idea that came to me in a dream.

Eyes of Slavery “Eyes of Slavery”

Oil, acrylic and pencil interpretation of the suffering endured through the eyes of women during that period.

Saxman “Saxman”

Acrylic and pencil interpretation of a young Charlie Parker.

The Duke “The Duke”

Acrylic and pencil interpretation of the great Duke Ellington.

Red Sky in the Morning “Red Sky in the Morning”

Watercolor interpretation of a morning sky in the mountains.

Reflections “Reflections”

Watercolor and acrylic interpretation of a sunset reflecting on water behind large rocks.