Milla Nuzzoli

Milla Nuzzoli

Location: Italy

Milla Nuzzoli, (Foggia, Italy) Lives and works in Legnano.
The artistic journey is marked by a neo-expressionism, and the color emphasizes the sculptural sign and recognizable style in stretch strong and decisive. The autonomy of painting and the use of special techniques to emphasize the crucial importance of his works light, painted with swift strokes, chromaticism, born from a recognition on the color, the sign itself that creates the balance of form and color.
The directory of images representing the world around it in its many facets, interpreted, again, through the filter of emotions. The pictorial narrative, free from any academic, research is aimed at the essential, the underlying theme is the relationship between man and woman, individual and nature, a duality that demonstrates the need for continued dialogue between rationality and emotion, figuration and abstraction , ancient and contemporary vision of a very free, independent, personal.
Eclectic and versatile artist goes in several directions, experimenting with new techniques, the use of different materials, to lead to a more abstract and expressive informale.Vive contaminzione the other forms of expression, search for points of contact and affinity determinants coincidences with its arte.Trasporta in fashion and design his stile.Come a composer mixture, assembles his notes in different architectures, giving unexpected sounds the same stamps.
  From the early "80 is the art scene with numerous solo and group exhibitions, gaining recognition, awards, critical acclaim of the authoritative.


Note dipinte

I paint nature as it unfolds and will appear in the vibration of its thread-like structures, the brushwork, in assisting these emotions, it makes itself into a dynamic hatching rhythm that is almost on the verge of abstraction.
  I compare a picture with the natural landscape transformation in the image produced by the different conditions of light, atmosphere, time and sensitivity.
For me Art is the ability to express a strong intellectual thought in images and offer them a glance through the means of expression that convey with immediacy, power, seduction


The magnetism of bodies and faces I paint beyond the immediate evidence of seductive poses, capturing the attention and raises questions that lead us to the unconscious dimensions or at least not immediately legible.
The subjects are decontextualized, immersed in a deeply personal atmosphere that intensifies the state of melancholy, seem to belong to a vanishing world where complexity and intensity of emotional state are enhanced by rich colors and formal tension of the painting.
The figures are placed in specific areas that seem familiar and yet are vague and distant. Through the artistic process, I approached empathically to the identity of the subjects, capturing the spirit, the fleeting beauty, the need for emotional security.