Vicki L Thomas, Prophetic Artist

"Eyes that have ears, must speak," defines the ultimate mystery and intimacy of my art. The moving sensitivity of prophetic art is simply more than fine art; its effects are heart-changing because of who Christ is. Prophetic expression releases an incredible awareness of the ethos of Christ, a much sought after spiritual and artful experience. Prophetic art is my reality. Thus is is an extension of who I am, not just what I do." ~ Vicki L Thomas, Prophetic Artist

Richest Blessings ~ Vicki L Thomas
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The Christ Project (I)

Medium: Watercolor
The Christ Project is a rather unusual stance of Prophetic Art, much like the prism that offers more than a single aspect of itself. Prophetic Art involves worship, prophecy, and art. Together, these virtues produce a profound kaleidoscope of reality, color, and imagination, ultimately resulting in the ethos of Christ. This Project is a collection of portraitures called Eikons, A Vision of Today's Contemporary Icon, with archival reproductions available for purchase at

No GreaterLove “No GreaterLove”

"Many were horrified at what happened to him. But everyone who saw him was, even more, horrified because he suffered until he no longer looked human." Isaiah 52:14 CEV

Sacrifice - The Offering “Sacrifice - The Offering”

Could this have been a vision that Jesus suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane, knowing He would take the sins of the world upon Himself?

The Christ Project (II)

Medium: Suspended Pastel Paintings
The term "Eikon" is a variant spelling of the word we know as "icon." Used at least twenty-three times in the New Testament, the common definition infers the image of God or the image of the heavenly things. These ancient icons were rarely used for art but to point to the Godhead by communicating the Gospel to common folk who were unable to read or obtain access to Scriptures in their own language. Used as altar pieces aiding meditation, Eikon are an artistic and spiritual bridge between heavenly and earthly realms.

The Son of God pastel sought out for publication by the prestigious, 200-year-old, Massachusetts Bible Society, required an artist endorsed black/white image for reprint. Appearing in the acclaimed four- volume, Bible literacy project, "Introducing the New Testament, The Dickinson Series, Volume III," is sold on MBS also includes a colored miniature of the painting in their site banner at In response to demand, the published image, Son of God (II), is now an archival quality reproduction available on Many heartfelt thanks for all your kind support.