Olivier Lamboray

Olivier Lamboray

Location: Belgium

Internationally award winning, Olivier Lamboray is a Belgian surrealist painter currently living in Indonesia with his 9years old daughter. Began painting in 1992. Art Director in Advertisement studies.

It takes around the globe to realize that what we are looking for is inside us. So I started another journey... I left everything behind and started traveling inwards myself... No boundaries, no limits... An horizon pushed back to the infinite, without limits, a surreal sight of the self... I was on my way to the roots of my deeper self, to whom I really am.

Continuous search for balance between illusion and reality, these two worlds come together in a rich work of love and colors, a journey that takes us where the dream enchants and the heart flourishes. I prefer my architectures to evaporate, and mix with the clouds, the decor becomes more peaceful. An oneiric sensation of this dual world I live in, between dream and reality in the Time-Space frame, a deeper vision of impermanence, and the serene illusion of this world.
Every painting leads me closer to who I really am, a balance of pure freedom in a loving reality.

Love is the string that pulled me back from falling at the edge of the world.
Love is the strength that carries me every day.
It is the essence of Life

This is where I am..."
It's a journey,
And it's amazing!


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