Jette Reinert

Jette Reinert

Location: Denmark

Jette Reinert (b.1960) was born in Viborg and now lives in Vejle, Denmark. Inspired by her artist mother, she has painted since childhood, taught by Viborg artist Lasse Windsløw. For over twenty five years, she worked as a graphic designer and illustrator, painting as a hobby, before she began studies at the Art Academy of Aarhus, which led to painting full time.

Artistically, Jette has evolved through several phases, painting slanting houses and Faroese landscapes and in the process, she developed her own unique style. Although she is inspired by Gustav Klimt, her style is all her own.

Jette has exhibited several times in Denmark as well as abroad in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Britain and the US, including one painting displayed on the largest billboard on Times Square in New York. She has also exhibited at the censored shows of the Art Academy of Aarhus in 2012 and the Hans Christian Andersen exhibition of 2013 and 2015.


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