Richard Shook

Born 1955, 1983 B. Arts Iowa State University, College of Design, Ames, Iowa.



Observations about life and the things that people do.

Bike Club “Bike Club”

Bike Club is a composite of cyclists, each moving in different directions in the same exact space (along a single line).

Weightless “Weightless”

There is a simple pleasure in play that involves swimming.

The Apotheosis of Mr. Fancy Pants “The Apotheosis of Mr. Fancy Pants”

An allegory of human activity.

Passing Time “Passing Time”

A young woman has waded into a stream to send dried leaves on a journey along the current.

Day Dream “Day Dream”

A young woman ponders while sitting on a rock next to a stream of water.

Kia “Kia”

A portrait of my amazing niece, Kia.

Girls Rule “Girls Rule”

A girl blows bubbles while her brothers hit each other with a stick.

Rock, Paper, Scissors “Rock, Paper, Scissors”

A portrait of the faces of Jordan.

Morning Glory “Morning Glory”

A boy and a girl, reading about what you might expect.

Quantum “Quantum”

Walking in the company of our other selves.

One on One “One on One”

A basketball game.

Jump “Jump”

A dancer jumps.

Emily “Emily”

A ballet dancer.

Reclining Dancer “Reclining Dancer”

Emily in a moment between a moment.

Lindsey “Lindsey”

Ballet dancer, Lindsey.

Melencolia “Melencolia”

A contemporary interpretation of Durer's Melencolia.