Simone Ari

Simone Ari

Location: Germany

born 30.05.1977

Regular participation in national and international exhibitions and major art fairs.
Lecturer portrait painting at the community college Maisach
Lecturer "feeling with colors" in PIP eV (care and Integra
tion of disabled children and young people)
January 2011 recording as a master artist in the gallery Artodrome Berlin / LDX Galleries Beijing
Since October 2010 Member of the group "Pinelo"
Since September 2010 Member of the Artists Spectrum Pasing eV The forum for professional artists and talents in the west of Munich and the surrounding area
Training by well-known artists such as Michael Hofstetter, Dr. Katharina Hartmann Goldyn, Jakob De Chiriko, Alfred Darda
Studied at the Munich School of Art Studio Zeiler


Portrait series 10 pieces

Emotions are the focus of my work. Whether portrait, people in various situations, or juxtapositions or compounds of moods. My work is characterized by the realistic style of painting, often with the expressionist influence and runs through my work as a whole. Inspired from the I in the people "see" and thus connect, I make pictures in which to think about social issues, combine the life or death and incurring creative work.

My work has a strong emphasis on light and shadow. I emphasize new aspects of the operation of natural light and sit especially the spectral reflectance of a targeted manner. The color is the primary means of decoration. A high contrast, and a barely visible bar are characteristic in my work.

the portrait VIII “the portrait VIII”

The series "A Portrait" consists of 10 images, which are always a square.
The square varied compositional reasons in three formats;
80x80 cm, 90x90 cm, 100x100cm.
The illustrations are always in shades of red, which can never be repeated in color mixing and composition, and thus each image is assigned a unique color that supports the visual language in the statement. The image carrier is kept neutral, depending on the statement in white or black, or incorporated into the red.
Since red is a very energetic color whose power underlines the emotions of the individual images and the series throughout.
Because it's all about emotions. Not necessarily mean, even though I myself am in each image of the image object, and painted in the style of realism, the emotion through wear on the viewer, rather than emotions that exist in the world.

the portrait VII “the portrait VII”

Violence is never a solution. This work should be aware that there is always an alternative to violence. For fear causes negative emotions that can cause aggression. Trust helps and heals.

the portrait VI “the portrait VI”

laugh as healthy healing, energetic emotion. This is about the naturalness. In a moment the joy, the humor of man comes.

the portrait V “the portrait V ”

Sometimes you want to scream. Rauszulassen These feelings can be very liberating. It's true and honest to do this, because you can not keep it all inside and pretend as if everything is always good, as the company calls it. Happiness begins with sincerity.

the portrait IV “the portrait IV”

Concentration as a circumstance of life in the digital age in abundance of information. Represented here by the phone with the phone, which makes an always available.

the portrait III “the portrait III”

Since red is a very energetic color whose power emphasizes the power of man in relation to his emotion.

the Portrait II “the Portrait II”

Portrait in the realistic style of painting over a disintegrating in Abstraction background. The fragility and simultaneous strength of man in the portrait

the Portrait I “the Portrait I”

Portrait red from the red Coming

the portrait X “the portrait X”

This is the tenth part of the series about people and emotions. "The portrait". Emotions that are realistic. The series uses the language of symbolism. It should inspire the viewer. The item is made in the technique of lasur painting. This technique has existed since the Renaissance. The medium is acrylic, about 20 layers, thinly thinned on top of each other, so that they intersect one another and thus a high quality in the expression of the liveliness is achieved. The picture is provided with a varnish, on the back is a suspension system.