Greetje Van Den Akker

I am an artist from the Netherlands, and graduated Willem de Kooning Academy of Art , Rotterdam, in 1997. Since then I have participated in a lot of exhibitions, in NL and abroad, solo and in a group.


the Word

series about 'the Word'. All works were made in mixed media, on paper on canvas, and the more recent ones on handmade paper.

the Word “the Word”

mixed media [coffee,ink,acrylic,bible pages] on handmade mulberry paper, ca 130x130cm

the Word within “the Word within”

mixed media on handmade paper, ca 200x140cm

promise,expectation,joy “promise,expectation,joy”

mixed media on rag paper, 3 x 70x70cm

the new order of the Spirit “the new order of the Spirit”

mixed media on paper on canvas, ca 100x160cm

without title “without title”

mixed media on paper on canvas, ca 135x 245cm

with the Word “with the Word”

mixed media on paper on canvas, 60x60cm

without title

soft pastel on acrylic on canvas