Evelyne Chevallier

Evelyne Chevallier

Location: France

Traveller photographer mostly between France & Argentina. Any kind of picture to be manipulated to create new atmosphere, moods, ambiance...

2015: Centro Cultural Hector Tizón, Jujuy, Argentina
2014: Artist Residence at Le Cabinet, Montreal, Canada
2014: Group Exhibition Château du Rivau, Lémeré, France
2014: Gallery Be.A, Deauville, France
2014: Jose Antonio Terry Museum, Tilcara, Argentina
2013: Cultural Center Borelli, Salta, Argentina
2012: Kitai Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2012: Gallery Mitra, Buenos Aires, Argentina



All these manipulated pictures propose a new vision closer to dream than reality. Digital photo-collages all made up with my pictures only.

Statues & Swans “Statues & Swans”

Digital photo-collage with my pictures only.