Adriana Ilin-tomici

Adriana Ilin-Tomici

Location: Romania

Adriana Ilin Tomici
plastic artist
Born on July 12, 1957, in Moldova Noua, Caras-Severin County.
Academic studies:
1977-1982 Faculty of Chemistry, Traian Vuia Polytechnic Institute, Timisoara
1992-1998 Faculty of Arts, West University of Timisoara. Member of UAP Romania.
Personal exhibitions:
1998 Art Gallery, Timisoara, painting, object painting
2000 Refunds, icons on glass, Club Art, Romanian Radio-Television, Timisoara
2000 Mioritic space, installations, painting-object, Helios Gallery, Timisoara
2001 Sublimated Complexes (RO), installations, object-painting, silk painting, Apollo Gallery,
2001 Window Icon, painting on glass, Gong Club, Timisoara
2002 Ahead !, Helios Gallery, Timisoara
2002 Icon, Timisoara City Hall
2003 Embossed pictograms, Helios Gallery, Timisoara
2004 Aditti, Banca Ion Tiriac Timisoara, painting
2005 Timisoara Administrative Palace, painting
2006 Siemens Business Solutions Timisoara
2006 I painted my soul red ..., Helios Gallery, Timisoara
2006 Mostovi Balkan Gallery, Kragujevac, Serbia
2006 Hotel Semenic, Resita
2007 Drawer for decent people, Carturesti Bookstore, Timisoara
2007 Hai-hui with the scai cross, CarasSeverin County Directorate for Culture, Cults and Heritage, Resita
2008 Home, SPACE PHILOSOPHY Gallery, Timisoara
2009 Meeting of friends, Debrecen, Hungary
2009 Data for brides, D'AS ART Gallery, Timisoara
2010 Here's how I stare at the sky !, Days of Serbian Culture in Timisoara, Helios Gallery
2012 Transfiguration, Calina Gallery, Timisoara
Group and collective exhibitions:
1991 Buzunar Gallery, Timisoara
1993 Art Library, Timisoara
1993 French Cultural Center, Timisoara
1994 StudentFest, Banat Museum, Timisoara
1997 Banat Museum, Timisoara
1997 Rosetti-Tescanu-George Enescu Cultural Center, Tescani, Bacau
1997 Profaan Gallery, Elst, Holland
1999 Drawing Biennial, Delta Gallery, Arad
1998,1999 International Salon of Fine Arts, Resita
1998-2016 Annual Salon of Fine Arts, Helios Gallery / Banat Museum, Timisoara
2000 Rusalka, Bulgaria
2000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2000 Christmas Salon, Tenta’Art Gallery, Timisoara
2001 Attitude, Helios Gallery, Timisoara
2001 Ivanovo, Bulgaria
2001 National Salon of Fine Arts, RomExpo, Bucharest
2002 The book as an object, Interart Triade Foundation, Timisoara
2002,2003 Christmas Salon, Helios Gallery, Timisoara
2003 Anniversary exhibition —10 years in Romania, Banca Tiriac, Timisoara
2003 26 artists from Timisoara, Budapest, Hungary
2004 Teremia Mare - Reality and plastic sign, Teremia Mare, Timis
2004 Nude in art, Helios Gallery, Timisoara
2004 26 artists from Timisoara, Nyíregyháza, Hungary
2004 Expozodiac - EXPOVEST Exhibition Pavilion - Timisoara
2004 Ion Tiriac Bank
2004 Light, Banat Museum Timisoara and Szeged, Hungary
2004 Geraldes da Silva Gallery, Porto, Portugal
2004 Tapolcza, Hungary
2005 Tomar, Portugal
2005 Belem Municipal Library, Lisbon, Portugal
2005 Pécsi Gallery, Pecs, Hungary
2005 Carasova Camp, Banat Mountain Museum, Resita
2005 Camp of the Dorobanti. 2001-2005, Banat Museum, Timisoara
2005 The Balkan Bridges, CIDA / VOCA Gallery, Kragujevac, Serbia and Montenegro
2005 Calacea Camp 2005, Timisoara Administrative Palace
2006 Stage and / or visual arts, National Theater and Timisoara National Opera
2006 Union of Serbs in Romania, Timisoara
2006 Timisoara Painting Days, Maxivision Screens, Unirii Square and Bega Shopping Center,
2006 Book Museum in Dresden, Germany
2006 Maternity Hospital, Art Museum, Timisoara
2006 Calacea Camp 2006, Timisoara Administrative Palace and Semenic Hotel, Resita
2006 International Painting Salon - Carbunari 2006, Florean Museum, Baia Mare
2007 Gyula-Abádszalók, Hungary
2008 Szentivaneji Szepasszonyok, Budapest, Hungary
2008 Nyiradonyi, Hungary
2008 Group exhibition - Days of Serbian culture - Beli Bagrem Association, Romanian National Opera
Timisoara, November 1, 2008.
2008 Collective exhibition The Master and the Disciple, Timis County Council Administrative Palace
Group exhibition, Agora Gallery, Resita, December.
2008 Orient Express 125, Budapest, Hungary
2009 20 years since the Romanian Revolution commemorated by Timisoara artists
2009 The absurd in the visual arts, Timisoara-Budapest-Szeged
2009 Nyiradonyi, Hungary
2010 Hjduboszormeny, Hungary
2010 Nyiradony, Hungary
2012 Albina, Timisoara
2012 Nyiradony, Hungary
2012 Praise of the muses and their meeting place, Timisoara Art Museum
2013 Hunedoara, Art Gallery
2014 The colors of spring, Helios Gallery, Timisoara
2014Timisoara yesterday and today, Helios Gallery, Timisoara
2014 Sacrifice, Timisoara Administrative Palace
2014 Gift, Helios Gallery, Timisoara
2015 Polytechnic in Art - Art in Polytechnic, Helios Gallery, Timisoara
2015 Visual artists from Banat, "Art IX-XI" Gallery, Budapest


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