Sylvia Horn

sylvia horn

Location: Canada


art quilts

mixed media art quilts made with fabric, paper, paint, thread and found objects

winter art quilt “winter art quilt”

A winter landscape painted tree on fabric with hand embroidery.

spring time art quilt “spring time art quilt”

Spring time art quilt made with button flowers and painted background and trees, embroidered butterflies. Fabric ground. hand embroidrey

A summer day “A summer day”

made with fabric and thread, beads, paint

art dolls

art doll made with fabric/paper,paint, yarn and beads.

Amber “Amber”

made with fabric and yarn

Candice “Candice”

mixed media art doll wall hanging, made with fabric and paper, thread, paint

Rachael “Rachael”

mixed media art doll made with fabric,paper, paint

sid “sid”

mixed media art doll, made with fabric/paper, paint and thread

Fernly “Fernly”

made with fabric/paper, paint and thread