The Sculptors Studio

The Sculptors Studio

Location: Unknown


Jesus and the children

8' tall statue of Jesus and the children

Jesus and the children “Jesus and the children”

8' tall statue of Jesus and the children

Mary and Jesus “Mary and Jesus”

5' tall Mary and Jesus in polyester resin- polychrome with 22kt gold trim.

St. Joseph and Jesus “St. Joseph and Jesus”

5 1/2' tall statue of St. Joseph and Jesus in concrete

Rocking Baby Elephant “Rocking Baby Elephant”

1' ft tall Rocking Baby Elephant in alabaster.

The Blackberries “The Blackberries”

The Blackberries is 10"x12" image area in watercolor.

The Leaves “The Leaves”

10"x12" image area of the autumn leaves in watercolor.

Lorna June “Lorna June”

Drawing in conte crayon of Lorna June