Louise Lajeunesse

Louise Lajeunesse

Location: Canada

ONE Louise Lajeunesse is from St-Eustache, Québec, Canada. After working for twenty years in the federal public service, she decided to put an end to this career, but not without having first obtained a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Quebec in Montreal. She began to paint and sculpt and decided to devote herself entirely to what she now considers her life mission: artistic creation.

Opinionated, talented and prolific ONE worked in her studio, silent on the progress of her art, until she was satisfied with its achievements, ready to be revealed to the world. It only took a few years to find out who she was as an artist, to find out what she wanted to communicate through her paintings. Her inspiration was brewing in her, being there for a long time. Her brush strokes coming out of her only brings the light she wants to project to the world with her powerful characters. ONE also wants to show that it is never too late to be what we are really meant to be and do, we can change paths at all ages and a vocation which is later revealed is only enriched by the experiences of life as good as it is, which are the essence of human existence that ONE wantsLouise_02 to share with the public.

The works of ONE are mostly oils on canvas with large format characters that show up whose face transcends human nature, including nudity reflects the purity of equality before the absolute, and whose gaze pierces soul. This predilection for the length portrait allows the artist to explore the anatomy, psychology and spirituality of the human, her great passion and the heart of her work.
Extraordinary artist, ONE has developed a technique that uses brush strokes without slipping. This technique she called One by One is inspired by pointillism and divisionism, wich reveals the influence of color and style of the painter Henri Matisse. Textures are the result of spontaneous and random gestures, dictated by the effervescent temperament of the artist, who uses the finish on the edge of the canvas to increase the sculptural effect of her paintings. Wise woman as well with a hammer, a blueprint, a saw or brush, ONE uses her many talents to create textures and colors in a style that is noticed immediately in her work.

Artist already accomplished but still evolving, ONE is remarkably consistent with her creations, in harmony with her recognizable style. Discover the world of ONE is plunging into a sea of color, textures, and shapes, to be carried by harmonious currents of positive energy wich she transcend.


One Lajeunesse

I started painting and realized I had a talent for artistic creation when I made contact with my inner calm. During my studies in Bachelor of art, I discovered my true calling: communication through visual arts. I have since worked tirelessly in my studio alone. My temperament dictated my hand until my style was revealed, until I found a technique that is my own, a technique that reflects what my inner voice-channel wants to express. Inspired by pointillism and divisionism, this technique, which I named One by One, uses brush strokes, without slipping.

Through my paintings, I wish to convey my values, my humanity in a paradoxical world where intermingle ugliness and beauty, war and peace, night and light. I chose the beauty, peace and light. I am focused on simple compositions and sometimes I use black backgrounds, to better highlight the light of my characters and to locate the place of humans in the universe, to show that only their inner eyes can witness the beauty. Light inevitably triumphs darkness and all have access to it if they wish.

My slogan is “Do to be or be to do? “. This is the essence of my spiritual quest, my artistic development. This question inspired me to create Duality.

Sit like a girl “Sit like a girl”

Reality tends to weight us down, but without reality there would be no use for dreams.
Oil paint, 48 inches X 72 inches, gallery canevas.

Zoomed Lennon “Zoomed Lennon”

A close-up with the fingers on a screen, a close-up with the eyes on a wall.
3 gallery canvas of 30 inches X 40 inches, oil paint.

Einstein “Einstein”

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Oil paint on gallery canvas, 48 inches X 60 inches

Jim Morrison “Jim Morrison”

There are things known and things unknown and in between are the doors.
oil paint on gallery canvas, 48 inches X 60 inches.