I have been painting all my life. Everything that I know and can do is the result of the thorough research and exploration in the field of Art and the world around us. Each canvas I present to the spectators has an original story told in the language of Art…
So what is Art? Even connoisseurs of Art are unlikely to give a definition of what the difference is between a masterpiece and a picture painted by oil which has not become a piece of Art. Modern time is favorable for creative work, it gives unbelievable technical opportunities to create an image, there are a great number of art trends. Therefore, now the fundamental concepts of Art have become obvious. So the concept, term, Art cannot be applied to any artistic work made by paint…
In my opinion, the emotion of the artist starts the color, coloration, mystery of transforming the paint into color. The color and coloration dictate the plot, design, technique and size of the painting. That is why the majority of painters tend to choose oil technique of painting, toilsome and difficult, but letting the painter gain the slightest shades of color, moreover, the color of oil paint becomes more precious and filled with inner light as the years pass by! Experts and admirers know the magic of oil paintings; it is considered that the paintings are being worked at for many years… From my point of view, the work of art created for the sake of color, the images created by means of color, plot and the story told by language of color, the magic of transforming the paint into color is Art. As not all the rhymed words are poetry and not all sounds are music, so not everything that is painted is Art. So the foremost importance for the poet is poetical vision, for the musician is perfect pitch, for the artist is vision of color. The world around us is surprisingly full of colors and fantastically full of harmony!!!
This mega beauty can be expressed in many ways, and one of them is Art. The plot for the painting came from the world around us, it captures the artist and is leading him … within the whole period of creating the painting, usually becomes symbolic and allegoric, avoiding all accidental and unnecessary… then you come to a staging point when the painting itself dictates the artist what needs to be done for its completion, at this stage you lose the ability to be objective towards your painting… and only on the edge of the unconscious you feel if you have fulfilled the idea that made you take the brush and start painting.


Moscow Windows

This Painting has got two prizes on London Art Biennale