Emily L. Joseph

Formally trained with a BFA and MFA. The dormant years, from 1991 to 2021 I still painted, but did not exhibit. Tumultuous times but healing times. I am a survivor turned warrior. During the isolation of COVID I began to paint again and found a genuine newness and expression to my work.

I found my voice in painting

The basis of my painting is color and interaction with planes to evoke an emotion. I do not dictate the emotion for viewers. It is their own interpretation. A black box is a black box, but draw a jagged red line through the box and it becomes an emotion

I have taught and lectured on drawing, basic design, Color Theory and papermaking. Works were sold and displayed at Memorial Art Gallery.



Painting can be tedious and exhausting when searching and executing your thoughts, ideas, and emotions. Sometimes an intimate encounter can breathe life into you and colors appear in groups proclaiming a unique liberation. The moment of intimacy with one, can breathe into your soul a stillness that opens to clarity. Eyes wide open. The use of color indicates movement, the fine lines reflect past scars. The emerging white over dark lifts the soul. The bright colors emphasize the individual sensations one might feel, even if it is just peace and lying still.

Pink “Pink”

Harshness can be tamed with a gentle touch the warmth of a simple color

If You Don't Mind “If You Don't Mind”

People can crowd you and you can get lost. The ability to walk through this crowd and maintain uniqueness

Baked in a Pie “Baked in a Pie”

Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie

Can't Stop the Rain “Can't Stop the Rain”

Sometimes I resort to Black and White to regain control of color

Left Behind “Left Behind”

The feeling of everything moving forward and you stand still.

No Middle Name “No Middle Name”

Just met someone who introduced themself as one with no middle name Intriguing

After the Storm “After the Storm”

Heavy storms bring relief.

Breathe “Breathe”

Softness versus Anxiety

Inside Out “Inside Out”

Title explains theme

Between the Sheets “Between the Sheets”

Never a dull moment when tossing.

Morning After “Morning After”

The peace after being intimate the night before

My Song “My Song”

Painting makes me sing