Lea Fisher

Lea Fisher first came into painting for its therapeutic value. She studied English at Sam Houston State University, earned a second degree in Psychology at the University of North Texas, and while obtaining her Master’s in counseling she discovered the positive healing powers of painting as a creative outlet.

Fisher paints dramatic compositions with an often ethereal quality. Her paintings are characterized by delicate feathering and sculpted oil techniques. Fisher creates artwork that is different and surprising, eager to turn her audience’s expectations upside-down. Her bold compositions captivate the eye with rich and vivid layers of elegant color palettes. They emulate adventure, raw emotion, and an unparalleled flow of consciousness. With her variety of techniques and an eye for composition, Fisher creates an illusion of solidity and weightlessness that both grounds the viewer and allows his or her mind to float amongst Fisher’s paintings, analyzing their layered abstractions.

Her paintings have been acquired by prominent art patrons and placed in notable collections throughout the country. Fisher currently resides in and works out of her hometown of Dallas, Texas.