Giuseppe Santagata

Giuseppe Santagata

Location: Italy

Giuseppe Santagata was born in Italy in 1979. He received a B.A and a M.A in Law before focusing on photography. He studied Photography at the Antiono Failde School of Art and Design (AESD) in Ourense (Spain) and obtained an International Master’s in Conceptual and Artistic Photography at the School of Photography and Center for Imaging (EFTI) in Madrid.

His work has been shown in exhibitions in New York, Madrid, Rome, Daegu and Valladolid and has been featured in publications such as Lens Culture, Le Journal de la Photographie and Revista Exc.
Instagram: @giusanta79



I use self-representation as an intimate and introspective investigation, transforming every self-portrait into a metaphysical manifesto. Like Narcissus in front of the mirror, I reproduce the image of myself, making my body the subject and the object of my research. Through this, I revise the confines of perception and create a hybrid form, that is a reflection of the mystery of the human condition. An altered human anatomy, which is, at times, unrecognizable, becomes a shapeless mass. Hybrid viscera, solitary and fragile, in an intimate metamorphosis towards death.