Eugenia Tafolla Leveroni

Eugenia Tafolla Leveroni

Location: Mexico

Rich colors, varied textures and a dynamic sense of movement and space give Eugenia Tafolla’s oil paintings a vibrant physical presence and strong dramatic impact. The artist grew up on a ranch in Mexico, and she cites nature and her Mexican heritage among her inspirations. Tafolla brings those elements into sharp focus, partnering her carefully placed brushstrokes with a finely tuned color palette to capture the distinctive textures of buildings and clothing, and the hues of the skies, plants and earth in her images.

Having worked in many media - from batik to watercolors - Eugenia Tafolla knows how to get the most out of her materials. She makes particularly impressive use of the deep tones and the lushness that oil paints provide. From saturated reds to a range of subtle earth tones, her colors have a natural feel that lends each image weight to make even the most surreal, dream-like composition seem totally real. The artist says that the secret to her work lies in its combination of spontaneity and discipline, and her unique mixture of open-ended fantasy and precise realism are proof of that.

Agora Gallery (2014)



El Diván Azul “El Diván Azul”

(2014) - Oil on Canvas - 22.5'' x 38''

Escondiendo el As “Escondiendo el As”

(2009) - Oil on Canvas - 31.5'' x 23.5''

Fin del Tianguis “Fin del Tianguis”

(2014) - Oil con Canvas - 31'' x 23''

Frida con Dos Pinceles “Frida con Dos Pinceles”

(2014) - Oil on Canvas - 31.5'' x 23.5''

La del Vestido Rojo “La del Vestido Rojo”

(2014) - Oil on Canvas - 21'' x 28.5''

Los Agachados “Los Agachados”

(2014) - Oil on Canvas - 23.5'' x 31''

Mujer “Mujer”

(2014) - Encaustic on Canvas - 23.5'' x 31.5''

Panteón “Panteón”

(2014) - Oil on Canvas - 31.5'' x 23.5''

Retrato Ausente “Retrato Ausente”

(2014) - Oil on Canvas - 28'' x 16.5''

Sed Pública “Sed Pública”

(2014) - Oil on Canvas - 30.5'' x 23''

Semillero “Semillero”

(2014) - Oil on Canvas - 21.5'' x 28.5''

Tentaciones “Tentaciones”

(2014) - Oil on Canvas - 31.5'' x 23.5''

Torbellino “Torbellino”

(2014) - Oil on Canvas - 28.5'' x 17''

Una Muchacha en su Ventana “Una Muchacha en su Ventana”

(2014) - Oil on Canvas - 31.5'' x 23.5''

Ventana a los Magueyes “Ventana a los Magueyes”

(2014) - Oil on Canvas - 19'' x 23.5''

Victoria “Victoria”

(2014) - Oil on Canvas - 19'' x 23''