Cecile Brunswick

I was born in Belgium into a musical and artistic family where dinners were always concluded with everyone singing in gratitude for our meal.
I was fortunate to attend Music & Art High School in New York City where we lived, followed by getting a degree at Queens College. An interest in international affairs was realized by obtaining a degree in International & Public Affairs from Columbia University. Additional studies at NYU in photography led to creating photos for McGraw Hill's textbooks, the NY Chamber of Commerce and private clients. I changed course after attending art classes at the Art Students League and fell in love with painting abstractions. Instead of cameras and lenses, I switched to paint and brushes.

My artwork and I have travelled abroad where I was awarded residencies in Morocco, Spain and France. In that respect my paintings have become the ambassadors I once thought to become!
My colorful oil paintings have been exhibited in numerous art fairs including a few Architectural Art Fairs and Alternate Art Fair in New York City.
I have received a Certificate of Excellence from the Circle Foundacion for the Arts; and recently have been in touch with Le Galeriste, a Canadian artwear company which is producing a line of goods consisting of tote bags, pillows, shawls, tunics, & dresses using 2 of my paintings as the design for these. I get a royalty on sales.

I believe artists need to reflect, like Picasso's "Guernica" some of the political situations current in the US today. I am, therefore, submitting 2 images with my application which do so.
More information about my art can be found on my website:
Thank you for your consideration'


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