Location: Canada

I am inspired to paint Life from the great palette of God's design.In Western Canada mountains, chinooks, prairies, horses although common it is exceptional beauty that as an artist I can interpret. Everywhere I look, everything I see has the potential of becoming a painting... I like to create a close semblance and my favourite medium is pastel but I love oil as well. I have joined a few clubs specifically the federation of canadian artists, the calgary sketch club and the airdrie artist guild. I teach classes to students & adults, I provide seniors art enrichment programs and teach art therapy for the assisted living.

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tamis artwork

Portraiture - Hopeful pow wow princess “Portraiture - Hopeful pow wow princess”

Artwork for the Calgary Stampede

A Jazzy Little Number “A Jazzy Little Number”

WHile attending a concert I was moved to paint the brilliance and action of the jazz dancers

Animals - Janine's canine “Animals - Janine's canine”

A commission I did in watercolour

Still Life - Jellybeans “Still Life - Jellybeans”

Just a cute jelly bean still life

Western - soul mates “Western - soul mates”

A donation - I seem to give away more paintings then I sell, ah, the life of an artist.

Pastel Animals - Hiding Spot “Pastel Animals - Hiding Spot”

My son rescued this kitty form under a shed, it lived in a plastic bag. Still addicted to these shelters we can find kitty hiding in bags whenever she can find one.

Daily Painting Style - oil - Hoo Doos of Drumheller “Daily Painting Style - oil - Hoo Doos of Drumheller”

This little number I have called Footprints of Time, not only because of the way the earth has eroded over thousands of years but because this is the land of the dinosaurs from millions of years ago. I guess this slap happy type of mini painting is the wave now, so here is one of my daily works.

Autos - Saddest Clown “Autos - Saddest Clown”

Sitting at the end of the parade I watched as this yellow truck went by, the poor little fellow had a long day since they had to meet at 6 am and by the time i captured him it was well past noon. I imagine he was pretty pooped out.

 Landscape - Big Hill Springs Park “ Landscape - Big Hill Springs Park”

This lovely little spot is in the middle of no where and boasts lots of little waterfalls.

Flowers - Geranium “Flowers - Geranium ”

I planted a few of these this year and while sitting outside with my morning coffee contemplating what to paint, I whipped up this little 6x8 painting and decided to paint animals lol