Irina Vysotckaya

Irina Vysotckaya

Location: Germany

Irina Vysotskaya was born in St. Peterburg, Russia in the family of university docents. After graduating from the Leningrad State University, Irina Vysotskaya has completed her PhD thesis (russian "Candidate of Technical Sciences") and has been promoted to Assistant Professor of High Mathematics. Parallel to her main job Irina Vysotskaya studied at the Repin Academy of Arts (St. Petersburg).

Since 1990 she works as a practicing artist.

The large number of the Irina Vysotskaya's paintings was donated or sold to private collections of 22 countries including USA, United Kingdom, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Russia.

The main theme of the paintings is still life (colored paper, aquarell, gouache, pastell; oil paintings).

Fourteen personal exhibitions of Irina Vysotskaya's paintings took place in St. Petersburg, Russia

Irina Vysotskaya is a founder member of the Rotary Club "St. Petersburg - Neva"

Member of the American Society of Botanical Artists (ASBA)

Member of the St. Petersburg Photographers League.

Irina Vysotskaya manages the "Quaint flower line" painting school for adults.