Lynn Jaanz

lynn Jaanz

Location: Australia

International Artist Lynn Jaanz art explores the human condition and the complexities of living.
The use of colours, curves and crosses portrays the different journeys mankind takes in search of meaning and peace.

The busyness of some works strongly depict the myriad of experiences and emotions on the journey through this life. "Man is searching for meaning searching for hope, searching for love, searching for significance in his perpetual state of confusion . The art gives hope and finality that there is always a higher force, higher light that is a light in the dark. the works are full symbolism: of peace, nature and light depicted by greenery and trademark birds. . The works depict the eventual triumph and glory of the human condition.


Epic Flight

In all the triumphs and tragedies of life it is till an epic flight
We run the race with endurance, full of hope and expectation looking for excitement and adventure.
There is turbulence mid-air but we survive and thrive.
The magic of birth, your first love, the tragedy of losing a loved on and our final landing in the great expanse of the universe

are the themes of this work. The painting depicts the madness and beauty of life. .

Restoration 1 “Restoration 1”

This painting depicts the restoration of nature to a world progressing rapidly towards grater technology.
The painting shows the beauty and power of colour, nature, plants of different kinds and the animal world.

Isaiah “Isaiah”

Isaiah represents the primal spirit in every man.
The essence of every man is a warrior. we competitive, we rise up from adversity, we are thrown into
the war zone called life expected to survive, find our way, progress, raise children and then pass on the baton to the
next generation. Isaiah represents the best and worst of the human condition. It is the blue print of mans spirit.
We move from extremes love to hate, war to peace.
The painting depicts the complexity and uniqueness of man, the warrior, the wanderer.