Albert Enz

Albert Enz

Location: France


Albert Enz Paintings Acryl and Oil

Artists statement
Albert Enz deals with memories and anchors them in new pictorial realities. The more time passes, the more memories change, the less their objective reliability. Deceptions arise which he perceives as real at the moment of the creation of the picture. For Albert Enz, painting means to follow a conception or an idea, which can be represented as pictures with the help of colors and forms. The origin of an idea can go back a long time and crystallize in impressive moments. This leads to visions that are made visible to the viewer. The painter tries to make moods, situations experienceable for the viewer.

Hopenhagen 2009 Acryl “Hopenhagen 2009 Acryl”

The picture shows that even in our time there is still hope for changes in our behaviour with the environment!
In 2009, a climate conference was held in Copenhagen (Denmark) with more or less clear results (Outcome)
The painting was created during this time. The title was set on Hopenhagen, with the idea of hope from Copenhagen