Stuart Meyer-plath - Sculptor & Artist

Stuart Meyer-Plath - Sculptor & Artist

Location: Australia

Stuart Meyer-Plath was born in Sydney, Australia to European parents in 1965. He spent his formative years growing up in Spain and Germany before his family settled back in Australia. These early childhood travel experiences and exposure to stories and art depicting ancient mythology, religious constructs, relationships, and diversity encouraged his interest in classical and modern art and sculpture which has continued to this day.

Meyer-Plath’s journey in art has seen him express aspects of his personal experience from exposure to different cultures, ideas of beauty, dance and gymnastics. This is particularly reflected through his sculpture where the human form has been expressed in both figurative and abstracted forms.

The 3-D male form has been represented throughout history but what makes Meyer-Plath’s sculpture unique is that the male form takes on a sensuality that is rarely expressed. For this reason, his sculpture is both refreshing and inspiring as well as challenging as it questions the notion of masculinity and sexuality as depicted in relaxed male, nude poses. In contrast to the majority of conventional depiction of the male form in dynamic poses emphasising their physical prowess and heroic achievements Meyer-Plath’s current series of reclining male nudes explore the subtler psycho-emotional qualities of men being gentle, romantic, sensual, content beings.

Meyer-Plath is a registered architect and has always thought in 3-D. His drawing style is detailed and delicate. His drawings are representational and because he draws directly in ink, they have a ‘life’ and a uniqueness of style. Meyer-Plath has travelled extensively and enjoys capturing everyday scenes of life in ink. His art draws in the viewer to appreciate the beauty of the scenes and also encourages the viewer to explore the details and the beautiful line work. Coupled with his skill of pen and ink drawing Meyer-Plath also enjoys watercolour painting. His attention to detail is not only confined to his sketching but also to his painting and sculpture. Meyer-Plath’s focus on intricate details and delicate patterns of fabrics are executed with extreme skill.

Meyer-Plath is also a trained teacher who has taught both art, design and Indonesian. Stuart spent eight months living in Bali whilst on exchange after completing his matriculation. Recently Stuart has completed a twelve month art trip through China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and India. Other art trips have included Spain, U.K., Scotland, Netherlands, Italy, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, South Africa, Indonesia, Greece, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

I am passionate about sculpting and drawing the human form. My artwork is concerned about beauty, sensuality, harmony and proportion, detail and technique and draws inspiration from realism and classicism. Besides the standard experiences of primary and high school art lessons, as well as learning wood carving in Bali while on a high school student exchange program, I am a self-taught artist. As long as I can recall I have always been drawing, sketching and painting. My personal aesthetic has been inspired by the Old Masters such as Michelangelo, Giambologna, Caravaggio, Peter Paul Rubens, Leonardo, Vermeer as well as modern and contemporary masters as Rodin, David, Cadmus, Andrew Wyeth, Steve Walker, Peter Churcher and Chang Fee Ming.

Throughout my adult working life I made several attempts at becoming a professional artist, however it is over the past decade that I am able to pursue my passion of being a professional sculptor and fine artist. It is also during this period that I have commenced creating artworks exploring the subject of the human form especially the male form. My current sculptures explore the duality of masculinity and femininity inherent in each of us. The languid, sensual poses convey self-acceptance of this duality and the equilibrium of strength, vulnerability and sensitivity in male beauty. My recent folio of watercolour paintings and pen drawings is inspired by my recent art travels to South East Asia and India. These current works depict both my interest in colour, detail, the diversity of everyday life, architecture and culture.

For me creating art is a meditative and spiritual process that is a counterpoint to the hectic demands of modern life.


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