Kerryn Hart

Kerryn Hart

Location: Australia

Kerryn Hart is a traditional realist and lives near Portland, Australia, on a farmlet near the Southern Ocean. She was born in Adelaide, Australia but grew up in the Australian outback on sheep and cattle stations. Her first job was as a veterinary nurse and she later completed a degree in horticultural science. These aspects of her background are a strong part of who she is and are reflected in her painting.

Artist statement
Kerryn says, “I am a self-taught emerging artist, who finds inspiration in the natural world, which I photograph for later reference. Oil on canvas is my preferred medium to paint people, animals and botanicals, with a goal of allowing the creative process to bring out the subject’s true characteristics”.
“Painting is ‘cheap therapy’; I just love applying paint to the canvas and allowing the painting to develop. I also love people’s reactions to a finished painting”.



Big Love “Big Love”

Oil on canvas - 40 x 50cm

Sunshine poser “Sunshine poser”

"Sunshine", a friend's Gouldian Finch, posing in the sun.
Pencil on paper - 12.5 x 17.5cm

Rosebud “Rosebud”

An emerging rose
Oil on canvas - 20.4 x 20.4cm