Madeleine St-georges

Madeleine St-Georges

Location: Canada

Madeleine St-Georges was born in St-Michel-des-Saints, Canada, she still lives there. She is a self-taught artist. In 2008-2010, she took word-shops with international artists: Diane St-Georges and Joanne B. Ruggles. Then, she participated to international exhibits in Canada, France and Romania and is invited to Belgium and Italy in 2013. Her work belongs to private and public collections. She is a rewarded artist (First Mention, Silver and Gold Medals). She is a member of Culture Lanaudiere, R.A.A.V., C.A.P.S.Q. and of the A.I.B.A.Q.
She is drawing since she was a little girl. When she received her first art box (oil colors and brushes) at 14, she found herself her life-time passion. She developped her own technic, while visiting famous museums in America and Europe, trying to capture the secrets of lights and shadows. Portraits and historic paintings are her favorite subjects.
A few years ago, she discovered the acrylic medium, her work took a new turn, mixing abstracts backgrounds and realistic figures, letting the soul of her models appear through the lines and shapes.


Si maman si... (If mommy would see me now)

A young woman "is talking" with a mother who just died (you can see her in the left background)

Un jour d'épaule nue

One day in summer, timeless moment of grace.

Si maman si.... “Si maman si....”

A young woman "is talking" with a mother who died years ago... If you could see me now...

La vie devant soi “La vie devant soi”

A little boy is dreaming of his future. What would it look like? Life will gave him the answer.

Eva-naissance “Eva-naissance”

Pregnant young girl, waitint with a little apprenhension and serenity the birth of her first child.

Les mots pour te dire “Les mots pour te dire”

Heart broken: only time could cure that pain. Mainwhile, the words written on the paper will be the witnesses of the inside tears.

Les gars de la S.T.M.F. “Les gars de la S.T.M.F.”

Years ago, the men working in the forest had only their arms and their good will to fight the fires in the bush and protect that territory against the poachers.

Le conseiller municipal “Le conseiller municipal”

The Municipal Counsel proud of his power.

Je vous en prie “Je vous en prie”

Back to those years where respect was still important

Le temps des cerises “Le temps des cerises”

Souvenir of the old time.

La trilogie du désir “La trilogie du désir”

The history of a rendez-vous, told without the models appearing.
In the upper part, you can tell by the boots strings that the "guy" is interested, and she seems to be attracted. In the middle part, they get closer, you can see that her zipper is down. In the lower part, his boot string let think that he left his telephone number.

Rose-bijoux “Rose-bijoux”

She is creating jewels during the day and wearing them at night... rose is her favorite color.