Marisa Keller

Dutch artist Marisa Keller holds a Master of Fine Arts, (printmaking) of RMIT University, Melbourne , Australia and a Bachelor of Fine Art (2D and 3D) in Art Teaching
Marisa Keller’s paintings, prints and video installations were shown in gallery and museum shows in Singapore, USA, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and Portugal. She taught printmaking at the Art College in Singapore and curated 8 printmaking shows in Singapore and the Netherlands. She worked with the Affordable Art Fair to promote printmaking as an art form.
She currently lives and works in Portugal and the Netherlands.

My work aims to evoke an intuitive experience and reflects on the human relationship with nature.
I draw ideas from observation and experience. Sometimes simple things as light reflections on waves, an intricate texture on a stone or the outcome of a print experiment with found and collected natural and other objects can trigger a whole new series of ideas and works.


Mixed Printmaking

Series of work on paper. Most prints are created by layering different blocks and methods of printmaking. All prints have a layer of nature printing. For this method collected natural materials are used to create a plate. This plate is then inked and printed on paper using an etching press. All works are printed as a unique work or in a small edition of 4 to 8 pieces.

Coral “Coral”

Etching and Relief Print

Sargasso Sea “Sargasso Sea”

Intaglio Relief, Linocut
Printed with natural materials in combination of a linocut
image size 30 x 30 cm

Bloom “Bloom”

Intaglio, Relief print on paper.
image size 15 x 15 cm
Printed with natural materials

Winter Solstice “Winter Solstice”

Woodprint, Nature Print
Image size 30 x 30 cm
Created from woodblock and leaf materials

Roots 1 “Roots 1”

Nature Print, Linocut , embossing on paper. 2018
Image size 60 x 60 cm Paper size 70 x 70 cm
Edition of 4
This image is created using roots and leaves in combination of a linocut . Cut out forms are used to create the embossed areas

Roots 2 “Roots 2”

Nature print, woodcut, linocut 2018
Image size 60 x 60 cm on paper size 70 x 70 cm
The print is created using leaves, and several layers of a woodcut. Some additional water colour
This is a unique print, no edition was printed.

The Source “The Source”

Copper Etching, Nature Print, Hand colouring
Image size 60 x 60 cm on 70 x 70 cm paper
The round shape is an etched plate. Additional plants where used to create the image. Handcolouring.
Unique print, no edition was printed.

Bamboo “Bamboo”

Nature Print, Linocut, Woodcut, Embossing 2018
Image size 60 x 60 cm paper size 70 x 70 cm
Image is layered with printed bamboo and a linocut and woodcut. Embossed bamboo shapes.
Edition of 8