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Name Richard F. Barber Age 73 Painter.

My art is a bit of a mix, I work in oils and watercolour and have just started metal point drawing, which I seem to enjoy. In the past I have worked in stone, marble, wood and clay,
but my main mediums now are oils, watercolour and metal point.
I started of in life as the eldest of eleven children, so there was no way I could have gone to
art school of any type, but I always had the passion to paint, when ever the opportunity raised, It was not until later in life that I was able to devote more time to painting, what you might call a late starter. I have kicking around somewhere a BA for art, which I gained before moving to China in 2004.
I exhibited in a few exhibitions while in China plus had my own first exhibition in a Tea House in Anshan City , which was televised on Chinese TV.I wo the International Landscape painter of the year at Artroma in 2006, I was also due to go to Brazil to exhibit some of my work,but due to heart failure I had to call it off. Then in 2010 I had no choice other than to return to the UK Leaving most of my work done there in China,the bigger pieces that I did manage to get shipped to the UK were to big for me to house, so they were given to a local Hospice near where I live now.
In my art I look for the beauty in everything I see and try to convey that into my art, I have a quote in life. "You alone are the camera, your eyes are the shutters. What you absorb
through them is what you paint, for it's you that's mixing the colours not the camera."
My art as I have said is a bit of a mix, I paint landscapes , seascapes, figurative, still life and nudes, some of my work has been fantasy and surrealist.
I try to create a moment in time that the viewer can interpret in their own way without any explanation from anyone but them selves The works that I'm submitting now are all new works that I have not shown or had made into prints.
So I will leave you with this thought," You can please some of the people some of the time,but not all of the people all of the time.


The Iris

This is a watercolour on A3 cold press not 140 lbs watercolour paper, of one of my favourite flowers

The  Iris “The Iris”

Watercolour on watercolour paper size A3 subject the Iris which is one of my favourite flowers.

Iris at sunset “Iris at sunset”

A watercolour painting on A3 140 Lbs cold press not watercolour paper. A Blaze of glorious Iris as the evening closes.

Magnolia in bloom “Magnolia in bloom”

Watercolour painting on A3 140 Lbs cold press not Watercolour Paper. The Beautiful Magnolia in Bloom filling the air with it's aroma.

The Red Tiled Floor “The Red Tiled Floor”

An oil on canvas 50cm x 60cm Memories of my time in China

The Letter “The Letter”

Oil on canvas 50cm X 60cm The bad news letter that everyone avoids

Natalya “Natalya”

a water colour on A3 cold press watercolour paper, this is a portrait of a young Russian Girl with body colour

A Question Unanswered “A Question Unanswered”

This is a watercolour on a 30cm X 40cm Aquabord ,The subject is about a young Chinese girl having asked her friend a question, awaiting an answer.

Wet Day in June “Wet Day in June”

Oils on claybord 30cm X 40cm Subject A young girl looking out at the rain, unable to go out and play with her dog

The Fallen “The Fallen”

a Watercolour on Aquabord 16"in X 20"in, Subject a male Nude in landscape

Seated Femail Nude “Seated Femail Nude”

Oil on canvas 50 cm X 60cm A seated female nude in interior

Portrait of a Victorian Lady “Portrait of a Victorian Lady”

Metal Point on Art board with gusso 5"in X 8"in A portrait of a Victorian lady in metal point or as some call it silver point. For those that do not know about metal point , it has been around since the 1400s and was produced by the Old Masters to coat parchment with, it was made with rabbit skin glue and bone or marble dust creating a gusso, which would be able to take a metal drawing point to draw with. unlike graphite it dose not smudge and will mature with age.