Santiago/ Chagoart

Born in Bogotá Colombia, Santiago Cubillos is a self-taught artist until he started studies of Art history at Hunter College New York and decided to follow his eternal passion for drawing and painting, stem from his childhood. The artist started his professional life as a journalist, but his inclination for creating art and its appreciation were stronger, in the end painting and drawing were his true call.
This Colombian artist has created an edgy and energetic body of work with scholar techniques that involve a fusion of materials, outlooks, and diverse inspirations from classics such as Renaissance masters to nowadays Social Media posts.
The artist choose a pseudonym of Chago that is the short name for Santiago, his recent work has been showed at galleries through the five boroughs of New York City, collaborated with Russian Arts Theatre for the creation of a play set, co exhibited at The American Folk Art Museum and done illustrations for books and customized fashion for those willing to share their story to be painted. He currently lives and works in NYC.


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