Location: Germany

Work stay in Denmark, 2013
Begin of the work series Krimidinner (painting at live events) 2013
Work stay in Sicily, 2012
Birth of my second son Keno 2012
Work stay on the island Spiekeroog, 2011
Birth of my first son Jello 2011
Work stay in the Brittany, 2010
Marriage to the Frisian Frank Hensel, 2010
Large assignment heather painting in Bispingen, 2010
22 portraits of Lüneburg, 2010
Work stay in New York, 2009
Work stay in the Azores, 2009
Culture prize Lüneburg (Dr.-Hedwig – Meyn – Prize), 2008
Begin of the work series Bremen 2008
Art studio opening in the Homann Saal, 2008
Work stay in St. Tropez, 2007
Work stay in Paris, 2006
Work scholarship in Herrenhaus Edenkoben, 2005
Work stay in Munich, 2005
Work stay in California, 2004
Work assignment in Barcelona, 2004
Work stay in the south of France, 2003
Work stay on Majorca, 2003
Creation of the picture series Salzmärchen, 2002
Begin of the Student series in Hamburg, 2001
Art studio opening in the historical town center of Lüneburg, 2001
Study at the College for Design in Hamburg
Study of illustration and communication design as diplom-illustrator 2000-05
Sudy of cultural sciences, University Lüneburg, subjects art, industrial economic studies, computer science for cultural education, cultural science, 1995-2000
Living in Lüneburg since 1990
Born in Celle 1974 – childhood in Celle, Braunschweig and East Grinstead


still life

Glasses on the table. Plates are set. Fresh oranges from the market. The new vase on the table.
The picture straightend up, the cd`s sorted, napkins with dots bought. The rotating table decorated with pretty things, salt sticks, chips and prepared fruit still there from yesterday. Postcards still have to be written for the Sunday invitation. The birthday presents put aside. A short moment to nibble on a piece of cheese. The TV running, I must watch out, a friend is performing. The backpack is ready packt, travelling to Barcelona in 2 days.
The Theme:
The search for more.
You can’t decide? So take both! The choices are many. We want to make things nice for us. And with all the fun activities, plans and possibilities we overwhelm ourselves. The room is full already. So is the calender. It would be better if only half as much would be on the table. It could happen that a shark landed on the table so that we can burst the bubble.
The detail is so beautiful. So much beauty is not now beautiful.

Denmark “Denmark”

2 small children. Personally and professionally exhausted, finally the long desired break. Holiday? For sure. But why alone? No, we go with friends – and their three children. One just 8 weeks old. Where? All in one house in Denmark. Of course! The walls – as everywhere – hollow and thin! Is that enough? No! My pregnant sister is coming with her daughter – there is another free room!
Summary: 5 adults and 6 children. Four weeks.
The theme: We long for company. Fear loneliness. Flood ourselves with appointments, dates and company. We just can`t get enough. Always in need of more. Enjoying the company. Which we love and need. But there`s no time to rest.
The truth is so sweet, so bittersweet.