Jolanta Madej

Jolanta Madej

Location: Poland

I am deeply inspired by the bewildering beauty in nature, trying to capture it in my paintings. Just like nature itself I use multiple techniques to create my pieces, from oil and pastel to mixed media and photography. I constantly pursue a search for variety, my paintings are created not only as an aftermath of my voyages, but also as a mirror to my surroundings.

Jolanta Madej is Polish and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, Graphic Design Faculty in Katowice in 1982. She is a member of the Polish Fine Arts Association, Jurassic Photography Club and Form- Bild- Farbe- German Artists Association.

She has exhibited throughout Poland, Germany and abroad and authored numerous individual and corporate art exhibitions.

In her portfolio are biographical sketches included in:

- Hubner’s Encyclopaedia of famous Poles, "Who is who in Poland" and "Who is who of European Women".

- "Złote Myśli Ludzi Wielkiego Umysłu , Talentu i Serca – Twórcy Wizerunku Polski"- the great book of aphorisms.

Her paintings have attracted private collectors in Poland, Germany, UK and outside Europe