Ivan Blasser

Ivan blasser

Location: Unknown



Art pieces

Art pieces

Soñando por vivir “Soñando por vivir”

Hand cut layers of digital printed adessive photo paper on wood coverd with epoxy resin.
30x25in. 2015.

Living in geometry. Physics and life....

Intenciones amistosas “Intenciones amistosas”

Macrofest 2015

Ive been photographing torn poster from the streets for few years now. Its been a long term project that i call "Paper rips". This here is collage made with paper rip images. It was exhibited at one of the biggest cultural fetivals in Panama. Macro Fest 2015. Adicional it was complemented by a looping video of overlaping of vintage surf footage and rip papers (torn posters) images .

Estadilla por hoy “Estadilla por hoy”

Uv acrylic digital print

Living the dreams. Always summer.

Viviendo por un sueño “Viviendo por un sueño”

Uv acrylic digital print

Agua y sol art show collective at allegro gallery panama.

Systema sagrado “Systema sagrado ”

Hand cut collage on cardboard.
Original thumbnails.

Viene y cae “Viene y cae ”

UV Digital print on aluminium

Tres palmitas “Tres palmitas ”

Uv acrylic digital print