Arrachme Art

Arrachme is a published contemporary artist living in Florida, USA. Being a member of a select international group of artists involved in raising socio, environmental awareness, enables Arrachme to be at the forefront of new genres in the art world.
Having exhibited her art in prestigious expos such as Art Monaco at the Grimaldi Forum, Monte Carlo, Spectrum, Art Miami - Art Basel, New York Art Expo, plus numerous awards and inclusion in publications, Arrachme has been elevated into a network of exceptionally talented artists that are regularly curated in museums in such locations as The Netherlands, Macedonia, Morocco, Belgium, and Iran. In addition, she is an art educator who has developed a course curriculum to encourage the artists of the future.
Her unique painted series have a consistent, recognizable bright color palette with strong, visible brushstrokes. Curatorial reviews have likened her work to the atmospherics of Turner. Whether abstracts or impressionistic, Arrachme’s paintings are influenced by the environment, which she describes: “I feel nature is a place of grace, nurturing and creativity. Art can blend with the humanitarian voice to affect gentle environmental and social impact. My intention for the future is to continue to embrace this delicate balance with a positive visual language.”


Environmental Art

This journey takes the viewer far beyond the the seen into the unseen and open doors to creative possibility.It gives us hope by opening our eyes to gentle magnificence while shining a like though the juxtaposition of circumstance. It constantly reminds us that our environment sustains us. Nature is our friend.

Genetic Gyre “Genetic Gyre”

Genetic Gyre is more than a painting it is an image that stirs questions about our environment and our humanitarian responsibility to the animal life and ultimately human that exists off the waterways. Art can gently and graciously make a statement in a beautiful way. Enjoy the journey. 24 x 24 Mixed media on linen

Crimson Gyre “Crimson Gyre”

Crimson Gyre takes us on a environmental and humanitarian journey to an island that poses many questions to our future. Will it some how transform our future. Our meaning not just human life but animals that have made Gyre their new home already. Crimson brings the question to the forefront of our minds. Enjoy the visit. 24 x 24 mixed media on linen.

Roots of Acceptance “Roots of Acceptance”

Transdigital interactive art dives into the root of family acceptance.

Beauty Junkie “Beauty Junkie”

Perhaps the purple rains over shining gold or simply a cotton bloom reminds of a past long forgotten. Beauty Junkie is a gentle reminder.

Aunt Bee- Memory Garden Series “Aunt Bee- Memory Garden Series”

Memory Gardens are whimsical tales of family. Aunt Bee came to visit. It reminds us of a dwindling BEE population on the earth that we must protect for our own survival.