Barry Ahern.

barry ahern.

Location: Ireland

Born 1970 in Ireland l write and paint. I have participated in art courses but have not completed my studies. I like experimenting, and attempting to depict sound and movement. The sky line of towns and cities is an influence and manufacturing environments out of materials to draw sketches and inspiration from is practiced while acknowledging the importance of line



Abstract city scape. Looking at the world from at roof top. Getting dizzy when you get to near the edge

rooftops “rooftops”

A1 cardboard

fall/timber “fall/timber”

Everything falls into place

Acrylic, ink, emulsion on A1 size cardboard

town “town”

The noise and colour of a buzy town. An encrypted map

Emulsion, acrylic on A1 cardboard

town “town”

This is a town near by

Acrylic on A1 sized cardboard

church “church”

Churches close to each other


Emulsion/acrylic/A1 cardboard

vacant space “vacant space”

Missing. Lost. Absent

Acrylic canvas board

church 2 “church 2”

From a sketch

Early piece in series

Acrylic on A1 cardboard

boxes and stuff

Boxes as inspiration

underground “underground”

Depiction of rail lines on underground/tube. Acrylic on cardboard

room “room”

A room in a hospital

Acrylic, emulsion, gloss and wood block ink on card board

freedom “freedom”

Print on fabric

lithium “lithium”


infinity “infinity”


box 1 “box 1”

Ink on paper

box 2 “box 2”

Ink on paper


Various art

into the valley “into the valley”

Acrylic on A1 sized cardboard

a dog's life “a dog's life”

A painting resulting from numerous sketches. Mixed materials on canvas

skull “skull”


Mixed materials, acrylics, poster paint, ink, chalk on canvas board

moon horse “moon horse”

Painting of the moon horse


Study of light

in the city “in the city”

Mixed media-ink.pencil,markers, various paints

Alternative title: asleep in the city

the wave “the wave”


Acrylic on canvas board

the patient “the patient”

Acrylic on canvas

An early attempt

dogs “dogs”

Acrylic on A1 size cardboard

Lazy dogs displayed up side down

untitled “untitled”

Acrylic A1 cardboard

paper and scissors

Various collage, and sketches

walls come thumbling down “walls come thumbling down”

Inspired by freedom and taking it's title from a song by the band The Jam....whoops l thing that song was by The Style Council

a map of my face “a map of my face”

Self portrait in paper

we employ fear “we employ fear”

Mixed media on paper