Suzi Marquess Long

Suzi Marquess Long arrived in the small coastal town of Mendocino over nine years ago and opened her WATERTOWER gallery to sell her beautiful pastel paintings. Her work is now collected globally, because she keeps her prices at an affordable level, and she is do prolific.

Ms. Long studied at the University of Hawaii and has painted with many pastel superstars, including Margot Schulzke, Albert Handell, Clark Mitchell, Michael Chesley Johnson, and more. She is a signature member of the Pastel Society of the West Coast, an Associate of the Pastel Society of America, and a California Art Club Associate.


Los Gatos Plein Air 2015

These paintings were completed during the Los Gatos plein air competition in June 2015.

Safe Harbor “Safe Harbor”

Painted from the end of the Santa Cruz wharf, the lighthouse and surfing museum stand out from the dominating fog.

Quicksilver Trailhead Barn “Quicksilver Trailhead Barn”

A sweet little miniature, this 6x6 piece was painted on the last morning of competition.

Intimate Portraits of the Sea

Pastel paintings here are some of the macro paintings of the ocean that have been completed since 2012. Several hang at the heritage house hotel in Mendocino and all are for sale, framed.


These paintings represent a variety of work created in the past nine years. They are all available through the water tower gallery in Mendocino California.

Brewery Gulch View “Brewery Gulch View”

This painting is a Brewery Gulch at the mouth of the Mendocino Big River. His 1' x 2' and created in
soft pastel.

Russian Gulch “Russian Gulch”

Under the bridge at Russian Gulch, the way to the ocean is captured in pastel!