Janet Marshall

I am a New Zealand artist/author specialising in birds, botanical and portrait paintings.
My paintings can be viewed on my website: www.janetemarshall.co.nz
and also on my site KIDS FOR BIRDS, an interactive site for kids on birds:
This site has my stories, paintings, an art gallery and information on birds.
I am author/artist for 10 books, including 5 x children's books and my paintings are represented on 14 NZ stamps including 2 x NZ Game bird habitat stamps.


Bird paintings

These are some of my latest bird paintings. I work in gouache, watercolour, acrylic, ink and wash and pencil.

Wings over Riwaka/Kereru “Wings over Riwaka/Kereru”

This is an acrylic on canvas painting of the NZ pigeon Kereru. 120 x 90cms. The painting is taken from a view from my garden, Takaka Hill, top of the South Island of NZ.

Wings over Ngarua/kea “Wings over Ngarua/kea”

This is a painting of the NZ alpine parrot, the Kea. Taken from a view from my garden in winter. The painting is 120cms x 90cms and is acrylic on canvas.

Wings over Kairuru/harrier and magpie “Wings over Kairuru/harrier and magpie”

This acrylic on canvas painting is 120 x 90cms and was taken from a view from my garden. It depicts the Australasian harrier being mobbed by a magpie.

Wings over Kateriteri/Red and black billed gulls “Wings over Kateriteri/Red and black billed gulls”

An acrylic on canvas painting of NZ gulls. 120 x 90cms.

Tui and waxeyes on flax “Tui and waxeyes on flax”

An acrylic on canvas painting, 100 x 75cms. This depicts the NZ honey eater the Tui with waxeyes on a flowering flax plant.

NZ Morepork owl “NZ Morepork owl”

An acrylic on canvas painting depicting the NZ morepork owl. 90 x 30cms

Yahoo! It's party time/kea “Yahoo! It's party time/kea”

An acrylic on canvas painting of NZ alpine parrots/Kea. 120 x 90cms.

NZ Morepork owl 2 “NZ Morepork owl 2”

An acrylic on canvas of the NZ Morepork owl. 100 x 75cms

Flower Faeries

These are some watercolour paintings of NZ flower Faeries.

Kowhai Faerie “Kowhai Faerie”

Watercolour on watercolour A2 paper of the NZ Kowhai Faerie.

Clematis Faerie “Clematis Faerie”

watercolour on A2 watercolour paper of the NZ Clematis Faerie

Portrait paintings

These are some of my portrait painting painted in acrylic on canvas.

Catch of the day/Kevin “Catch of the day/Kevin”

This is a painting of a fisherman friend with his catch of the day. acrylic on canvas 60 x 50cms

Sunshine and flowers “Sunshine and flowers”

A painting of Pixie-Faye with sunflowers. Acrylic on canvas 70 x 50cms

Holly and Hank “Holly and Hank”

Acrylic on canvas painting of Holly and Hank. 60 x 40cms