William Thomas

I'm a christain and a graudate of AIP(the Art Institute Of Pittsburgh) but I've spent most of my life working in the warehouse ind.In 2003 I had some health issues and had to leave that ind.and I didn't know what was coming at me next.My heart was inspired to start drawing and getting back into art with these words (you are blessed with a gift use it).I say those words to anyone who will listen what ever your gift is it is a blessing be thankful and use it. I've been in a few shows and had some success.The world is a big place and just to be able to encourage just one person through art is special.To me art is all about emotion,don't get me wrong it's ok to get paid but to touch someone's heart that's real and lasting.This is me and this is what I'm about and that is people.Pray for one another,you may never know who is praying for you.


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