Lydia Moawad

Lydia Moawad

Location: Lebanon

Lydia Moawad – Lebanon

Lydia Moawad (1965) is considered as one of the most contemporary Lebanese renowned artist painters. Her paintings were auctioned and sold in the "Modern Art Show Arabian Wings 4" September 2014, in Saudi Arabia (Jeddah) among the paintings of Picasso, Vangogh, Fateh El Mudaress and many others.
She has exhibited widely in Tokyo, Berlin, New York, Austria, Rotterdam, Florence, Paris, Milan, Kuwait, Dubai, Qatar, Amman and Museum of Agadir. Lydia Moawad has been decorated with several Medals of honour and Certifications for her work in Lebanon and Abroad.

Lydia Moawad’s art is an exploration of color, movement, and emotions. Her paintings are the fruit of long research years. In search of her own aesthetic language, her debut was classical technique at first, portrait and nude. Later on, she experienced the material of the color, the periphery of the latest trends, to re-create the world in her own way.
Working with a high vibration of positive energy, the feeling comes from the core and spreads between the conception and the creation, the colors and shapes find their places spontaneously and the work becomes its own source of inspiration.
The seed sown by the artist within her work becomes an eternal tree of life under which many poets find their inspiration.

For Lydia, creation is, at the same time, meditation and revelation; that of unity. Unity between the body and the spirit, between dream and reality.

Lydia Moawad is comfortable with the distribution of colors, she highlights her paintings and creates her own universe, a universe rich in memories and feelings.
As one goes along, her expression becomes more free, abstract and internal. The message of the work appears as an enigma, which solution is put in the intuition of the spectator.

Lydia Moawad has been awarded with several medals of honour and other acknowledgments for her work in Lebanon and abroad.

She is :

• Vice President of the Lebanese Association of Artists Painters & Sculptors
• Member of international association of art UNESCO PARIS.
• Ambassador of women’s art world 2015

Artist’s Statement:

I believe that my Artwork and I are One. There is a fusion between my soul, my feelings and the colors and forms on my canvas. I dive whenever I'm painting, into this beautiful perfect world, a parallel Universe where colors and emotions are Absolute and Free.
Art in my definition is, the world seen in its true Dimension. A Dimension without Gravity, where there is no limits, no rules nor conventions, not even ethics. It's a world of pure sensations free in expression. My inspiration comes from everything surrounding me, my everyday life experience, people that I meet from different countries, Monuments that I visit, philosophical Books that I read,...All this becomes feelings and emotions that vibrate in high speed to transform all the Chaos in my surroundings into Purity on my Canvas.
I feel that I have too much to give, and my mind is always full with new ideas waiting to turn into form. My colors are just a way of expression. I never really calculate or think what I'm doing because I feel a certain Trans between my body and soul. I never question myself about if it's good or bad the way I'm painting."It just Is", and what it is, is meant to be. I don't search for others approval on what I paint, and I always challenge myself to find new ways of expression. For me Art is a game of Passion, and when I have a block, it is part of the game, I have only to step over it and continue my journey.


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