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Bio - Hana Auerova

Can you see the unique, colorful, feminine style full of pure joy, hidden symbols and original pattern? It must be Hana Auerova’s piece! Hana Auerova loves photography, painting, writing and animating her stories. “Writing, photography and painting have been my passionate pastimes since childhood. I have advanced a lot during my high school stay in the United States where I lived in a family of an Artist for a year,” says Hana.

For those who prefer their native language, Hana is fluent in French, Spanish, English, Czech; as long as she has a dictionnary in her hand she is also able to communicate in German. Hana’s work experience includes selling oil products to French customers, journalism, deputy principal at the Film School Zlin and co-creation of a Spanish subsidiary of a design company mmcité.

During her maternity leave Hana took up painting again. The themes from her paintings she then used in her own animated film Jezisek. Hana also wrote scenarios of fourty Round short stories for her children and the most visited Czech internet TV called Stream.

In her animation Hana uses her own paintings, which become alive under her brush, fingers and a borrowed camera. She concentrates on classical, not digital, animation. She lives in Zlin area, Czech Republic, which is quite famous for classical animation and Hana Auerova wants to keep this traditional and fascinatig method alive.

Her inspirational idea of using paintings with stories was awarded the first prize in a competition for business start-ups My first million in 2015. “To succeed in art is hard as it’s not enough to create something beautiful but to find a customer. And for me that is a priceless experience” concludes Hana.

Hana´s web is here:
www.artfinder.com/hana-auerova www.OBRAZYsPRIBEHEM.cz

Text by Simon Kennedy


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