Rigulio Graak

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I am a Free Spirited Baltian artist and my soul has too many stories to tell to fill the pages of my numerous notebooks that disappear in my numerous canvas bags. I love canvas bags, and every autumn I cry over the rainy season. I love autumns. I love autumn colours. I love rain. I love walking in the rain and getting soaked. I love walking in the forest or at fields whether it rains or shines. I am a nature child by heart and every midsummer the little pagan in me wakes up to make Midnight Magic.

I am an Artist, and I giggle every day. I am as well a Natural Healing Therapist, I like hanging around with Arch Angels and Spirit Guides, and we have pretty cool time viewing the ordinary lives of humans. I find Darwinism and the Monetary Idealism hilarious amusement and the politics the Best Reality Show available. On the note: I don’t have TV, so I don’t watch reality shows, so I don’t do politics.

I avoid News Papers as well, as usually someone’s murdered at the first page, and that makes life a little less amusing. I find Journalists interesting though, and love to hang around with people who know how to write prose.

I don’t read novels. Words make me sleepy, and my minds gets too easily distracted. I love children’s books though. I always buy them discounted from Charity shops, hence I have hundreds of them. I have seen more “Merry Christmas from Grandma” and “To My Little Peter, love mum” than many individuals see at their lifetime. I find the words nostalgic and I promise to the book I will never give it away. Hence my mother has hundred’s of children’s books stored in her numerous bookshelves. She doesn’t give them away either.

I love Earth, Nature and Recycling. I buy all my clothes at Charity Shops and I avoid trends. I love Haute Couture and I have a tremendous respect to individual designers who create fantastic costumes. I love to dress up, usually alone at home, yet I mostly work naked.

I always paint on the floor, often sitting cross legged or in strange positions. I don’t own chairs and my quests sit on the floor on colourful shiny pillows when we have candle light meals and munch on vegetarian food.

I am a Wannabe-Vegan with a big problem with cheese. Cheese for me is a great love and a great curse. The stinkier and more gross, the better! I eat cheese with cheese and I never mix it with good old Rioja, as I don’t drink alcohol. Sometimes I wonder why, and sometimes I say “maybe one day” then I forget the whole thing. I like to take good care of my mind and body, sometimes they both demand chocolate cake. That’s again where my Wannabe-Vegan diet goes wrong, but I am really good at telling my mind that this specific cow lived a really happy life in a farmyard with endless green fields, and the cake was baked with no E’s in it. Justified?

I love animals. I love everything living and breathing. Yet I love rocks as well. I study to be a Crystal Healer. I love crystals. Especially Amethysts and a bunch of others. All my little friends live at my small Crystal Altar and they have the tiniest cutest little giggling voices and I love having them around.

I love herbs and healing plants and my heart is in Herbalism and collecting raw goods from the nature. I make “magical poisons” for healing purposes and I have a heart of a Pagan. I adore pagan rituals and I adore Baltian Forests. My dream was always to live at Highlands of Scotland and I feel my soul rests in the silence.

I like romantic comedies, as my love life is always a mess. I am too demanding and picky and never settle for less than perfect. I like highly intelligent sensitive individuals who have a great sense of humour and who understand that I dedicate most of my communication to sarcasm. I speak a lot.

When I work, I like to watch Woody Allen’s films or listen Julia Westlin. Woody Allen’s scene is practically my social life and I love hanging around Manhattan. I think me and Woody would get along well. Julia Westlin has the magical voice of an angel and her songs unplug my creativity. Coco Rosie does the same. I paint my Galaxy series with Julia and make the Androids with Coco Rosie. When I am not working I love complete silence.


Android - Dreams


"I like to take a Philo-Psychological take on the Humanity in 'the Android Series', using “Human” as the main subject in creation."

“The Android Exhibition” tackles the question of Humanity. The History of the Human Race is openly debated, whether it follows the path of Darwinism which even the author stated as “a Theory until proven different” and is out-ruled with Scientific Dissent, or takes a more “Prometheus” way of entering the Gaia.

The question behind ‘Individual Collectivism’ is “What defines a human?”

1.A member of the primate genus Homo, especially a member of the species Homo sapiens

2.A person

What makes a person -personality?

“Having or showing those positive aspects of nature and character regarded as distinguishing humans from other animals: an act of human kindness.”

-Are Megalomaniac Leaders Human Person’s or “Humane” - showing compassion or benevolence?

The recent development of AI shows “Humane Human Person Features”, with far higher intelligence&knowledge space than an individual thinker. Stephen Hawking warns this could be the end of Human Race.

The medical revolution uses artificial replacements to repair humans. We are creating apps to monitor our existence, transferring the data to the Matrix. Where is the breaking point? Are we being turned into programmed robots away from our native position on co-existing natural and holistic ways with the Mother Earth?

The corporate&individual overtake and the monetarism is killing Individual Free Thinking. We ARE turning into Androids? When is the ‘Homo Sapiens’ being upgraded to the next level of Evolutionary Existence: ‘Homo Androidus’, from “Wise Man” to “Bicentennial Man”?