Thomas Davis

My works of art are expressions of travel to many countries. As each oil painting captures the pulse of the city and fashion within its glass, the reflection shows the architecture and it's beautiful style. People have collected my works from around the world. I created a gallery and cafe that sells art, wine and food just as the cafes in Paris during the 1920's. It's an old idea that combines many senses. I studied business at Clemson and went to Atlanta for an Art degree also. It's this combination of business and art that has given me much success over the last 20 years. I truly believe that my work will attract many new collectors in Art Basel. Thank you for the opportunity.
Thomas Davis



These are city scrapes that show art within a window and art reflected upon the glass to bring the two together. They are unique just as each city is different.

Artist Retreat-Amsterdam “Artist Retreat-Amsterdam”

As a woman enters a new city she pauses to take in her view. This being Amsterdam she is excited for all that awaited her on the reflection upon the glass.

CoCo's Chanel Paris Apt. “CoCo's Chanel Paris Apt.”

Paris has beautiful Style.

Jackie O in Rome “Jackie O in Rome”

A wonderful place in time when Jackie O wore Gucci as she shopped the streets of Rome.

Miss congeniality “Miss congeniality ”

This image is painted on wood with lots of texture. It depicts a classic pinup style model of the 1950's and evokes an Amerivan spirit of bathing beauty and past time of going to the beach.