Rose Ritson Trenwith

About the artist

Rose's passion as an artist is to produce beautiful personalised artwork paintings & Soft stone sculpture, that has real meaning to the receiver.

Rose is particularly dedicated to the spiritual dimension of her artwork and is often commissioned to channel the universal intelligence. She produces personalised paintings with a message relevant to your situation.
These inspirational messages have proven to be helpful to many and can give needed support to strengthen, focus & inspire people during some of life’s hurdles. If you are

Being one of Waitakere City's prolific artists, she has sold over 600 paintings around New Zealand, Australia & Europe.
Rose sold her first art work at the age of nine for a grand total of fifty cents and has been focused on her creative goal ever since.
Aiming to touch the heart and please the soul, bringing inspiration through her art to many people.
A first generation Kiwi from a Celtic background she has studied at Whitecliffe College of Art & Design.


New work 2020

New work for the year 2020 hopefully will be some interesting stuff.

NZ Governments Covid 19 “NZ Governments Covid 19”

This is how I feel about the way NZ government is dealing with covid 19

My Cows “My Cows”

My cows on our farm