Carmen Rojas

Carmen was born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. She graduated from the University of Puerto Rico where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Arts with a concentration on Art Education and Sculpture. She earned her Master's in Education Administration from the University of Phoenix. Her work has received several awards in Puerto Rico and Florida. She moved to Florida where she still working at her studio, developing new expressions in sculpture, painting and glass work.
I believe that the medium of sculpture is the invasion of space with shapes that transform the reflection of how we view existence, decided to make footprints over time. With this invasion of space and with geometrical shapes, I denote the vision of my vital experiences as well as those experiences of the people that surround me. These experiences and events show themselves in the work with a certain position, like linear dimensions, suggesting a continuous state in space and time. I decided to utilize steel as the mode of expression in my sculptures. As a sculptor, I have developed the incorporation of paint to my steel work. I do this to create a way to add texture and movement to unify in an aesthetic manner and highlight the abstract on a contemporary art expression.



Because with the energy you get from a flat surface you excel with strength and become unique in the universe. You distinguish yourself majestically and with immensity....
The Wave, she whom only lets herself conquer momentarily by time who materializes itself leaving its mark on the wood of a vessel.
Wave and vessel, both are needed to notice the existence of the other. The wave, because without the vessel she would be only her own existence. No eyes that admire her, no hands that caress her, no soul that will miss her. Of her purity, the depths of her secrets, and revelations of her wisdom and of the love that awakes in our soul are enhanced because without the vessel, we would not have the mode to reach her. Without the vessel we would not have even the slightest chance in taming her immensity. We would not have had the chance to learn and from her create the paths that will sate our thirst for adventure. We can only appease our necessity when we surrender before the vision of her immense power. We fall beaten because we love to feel her, we need her in our existence, we let her control us. Now let us rest so we can later launch ourselves like ouroboros on the quest to dominate her. Only in this way we will know we are alive, but only she, exposes the truth to us; we are diminutive before the grandiosity of The Wave.

It would seem like the tittle and medium used are hostile however, both inspire an alteration of ourselves. Memories of vital experiences come to our minds, as well as recalls of bad times but; the mane itself means the impeccable forces that we cannot avoid and we cannot fight against.
Typhoon, born after the threat of hard times, it develops strength and speed to clear the atmosphere. After we pass it, we discover what we’re made of. We re-think, re-invent ourselves to stand up and begin again. This is what our nature allow us to do, we come back stronger after a big natural disaster and we do not give up. We come back… To live.