Katerina Krestova

1989 Graduated from the design Academy named after S.G.Stroganoff in 2012

Participation in exhibitions:

2008 - the First national competition-exhibition of design of water transport and the environment "Ocean design"
2009 - Exhibition-contest "Summer plein air", the nomination "Painting" ("the most concise sketch"), mghu them.Stroganov
2009 - "Painting. Graphics. Ceramics, Central library 148.Simonov
2012 - "Youth HGH" branch of Union of artists of Russia
2012 - "Stroganov tradition", the gallery in Sandy
2012 - "Young talents of Moscow", State exhibition hall "Zamoskvorechye"
2012 - "Stroganovsky 2012", State exhibition hall Vyhino
2012 - exhibition of the Creative Association of artists "Springs", "Christmas dayî
2013 – Youth exhibition of Moscow Union of artists on a Treadmill.
2013 - Exhibition of fluorescent art, Heritage CVSM
2013 – Russian Art Week, 2nd place in the category of Experimental art/Nude model
2013 – Exhibition "Orthodox tradition" Union Springs", Art Hall South-East
2013 - the Days of Slavic Art in Latvia, 2nd place in category Nude model
2013 - Exhibition of fluorescent art, DK Architects
2013 - Youth MOSH, Ufa 5
2013 - the Assembly arts, Central House of Artist on Kuznetsky
2013 - "the Color of the Motherland", A3 gallery, Moscow
2014 - "Christmas exhibition, Art hall Southeast

2014 - Personal exhibition "Color of Silence", KC Architects, Moscow

2014 - "Live Tremulous Threads". Exhibition dedicated to the works of L. N. Tolstoy, Iran, Tehran
2014 - exhibition of the finalists of the project Startint, K35 gallery
2014 - the Night of the Lumen, the project "Tension"
2014 - Solo exhibition, Transcapitalbank, Moscow
2014 - "On the border", solo exhibition, gallery Ligovsky 99, St. Petersburg
2015 - "Tension", solo exhibition, gallery Nathan, Krasnodar

Member of Union of Artists "Springs" since 2012, member of the International Art Fund since 2013.



Installations made of wood, nails and threads

Love “Love”

Wood, nails, thread

Genghis Khan “Genghis Khan”

Wood, nails, thread

Hug “Hug”

Wood, nails, thread

Look “Look”

Wood, nails, thread

Memory “Memory”

Wood, nails, thread

Naked Frida's body “Naked Frida's body”

Wood, nails.thread

Disturbing sleep “Disturbing sleep”

Wood, nails. thread

Tenderness “Tenderness”

Wood, nails, thread

Body. Portraits of emotions


Morning “Morning”


Humility “Humility”

Wood, nails, thread

Trust “Trust”

Wood, nails, thread

Doubt “Doubt”

Wood, nails, thread