Anne De Suède

Anne de Suède

Location: Sweden

On the verge of imaginary and reality, the concept of my art is developed.
My work reflect the situation in the world. Now, in the past and in the future.
I am a sensible artist who is working with different feelings and represent it in colors and different materials. Just now with ink, wax and acrylic. I also like collage, photo, oil and tempera painting. The material changes within the time and
different feeling I am looking for.
I am thinking of myself as a diger in the past and making assemblage to do the history present in the time we are living in.
Often I talk about those who have difficulty to defense themselves. It can be women, animals, children or even nature. I like to have some kind of reflexion, but I am never telling about right or wrong. On the other side of right and wrong, on that field we can meet. It is more interesting telling a story
than making moral.
I would love to expose in the States and in the rest of the world, it is a very important issue to listen how different cultures live their lives, how they are thinking about future and what they see in my pictures. Meeting my audience is fantastic. Here a hommage to nature. My site is


Respect to everyone

My paintings are about respect.
Respect nature, respect human,
respect animals,
respect yourself.
The day we can listen on the wind from the other side, we have a good option for the future.

Let us be free “Let us be free”

In our minds we have a lot of hangups, lot of memories, a lot of missunderstanding.
Let it go and we be free

Free as a bird “Free as a bird”

We are sometimes rude with the animals in the sea. Let them be free as we let the birds free.

The future is still a clean slate “The future is still a clean slate”

We think that the future will be as the present,
but do not judge, maybe the future will be good!

Women hommage

This time, I reflect on the old generation of women who struggled to be independent and had a hard life. We owe them Every part of our freedom to them. So this is a hommage to this generation who gave us a possibility to chose our work, our husbands and the number of children we give birth. We have the choise today in most countries and IT is because of our mothers.

Who are You, who am I

Loniless is the toughest of them all