Christine Whetton

Born and bred in Scotland, Christine loved drawing people from her early school days. But it was not until her later life that she took up portraiture, mainly using oil paint on canvas. Her firm belief in the God-given dignity and uniqueness of each individual, regardless of culture, race or creed, motivates her to strive to portray the personality of the subjects of her paintings with integrity and empathy.


Family Fun

Because family is such a large part of my life, family members feature frequently as subjects for my paintings

My Global Family

We are something of an international family. I hail from Scotland; I married a New Zealander of Irish-English-Scottish extraction. Four of our five children were adopted from Russia. Love knows no borders. We have formed strong bonds with people from every continent except Antarctica. People fascinate me. We have far more similarities than differences, yet culture, experience and outlook have moulded the people of this world into a kaleidoscope of personalities.